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Liverpool City Region -
Digital Connectivity Leader

Digitel is delighted to partner with LCR Connect transforming the digital infra-structure of Liverpool City Region

For the past 20 years the UK national broadband network has suffered from a serious lack of investment. Hundreds of thousands of small to medium size businesses in the Liverpool City Region, and throughout the UK, have been left in the broadband slow lane with outdated plain old ADSL broadband services.

Thankfully, this is all about to change, as the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority's two hundred and twelve kilometre full fibre broadband network is now being rolled out throughout the LCR area. The 30 million pound joint venture investment will deliver a boost of over 1 billion pounds to the LCR economy.

This faster than lightning gigabit full fibre network, will position the Liverpool City Region as the UK's first Gigabit City Region. It will become a hyper-connected digital leader in the UK, connecting businesses, schools, hospitals, universities, hotels, residents and the LCR regions six local authorities, to the new, affordable, gigabit fibre network.

LCR Infographic.

The installation of the full fibre network is just the first part of the Liverpool city region's Digital transformation.

The LCR Connect joint venture will ensure that the Liverpool City Region continues to lead the way in a host of growing business sectors… including health and life science, artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing... driving vital business growth and investment into the LCR economy.

The best part is that the Liverpool city region residents and businesses own 50 percent of the network via LCR Connect, so it's a great time to change from your existing supplier and switch to your own advanced gigabit network!

LCR Infographic.
Liverpool City Region.
Liverpool City Region Partners

Our Fibre Business Broadband just
keeps getting Better, Bigger, Faster

You won't find a better business class broadband service anywhere else:

  • Provide the best business class broadband service available in the UK
  • Software Defined Network (SDN) delivers a 24/7/365 provisioning, management and monitoring service
  • Proactive analysis of network problems and network efficiency optimisation
  • Maintenance support for all products we supply our customers
  • Comprehensive security protection for the whole network
  • Automated fault detection and correction 24/7/365 including Broadband, Router, data Switch & Wi-Fi
  • Secure VPN access for remote sites and homeworkers/remote workers
  • On-site installations and training all done by qualified engineers

All our broadband packages include as standard:

Great Customer Support

Our business class broadband service delivers 24/7/365 SDN cloud monitoring and management support for our Broadband, Router, Data Switch and Wi-Fi Access points providing fast, responsive service support that lowers your IT costs and delivers best in class comprehensive service support. All this is included in your regular monthly broadband cost.

Guaranteed responsive Service

Digitel's best in class broadband service includes on-site installation by our own engineers. We do not mail out the router for you to install yourself or use subcontractors. If you have a problem with your router or broadband, we attend the site determine the problem and if necessary, replace the router free of charge. Resulting in fast responsive support.

Business Static IP Address

Digitel includes a static IP address for your business router providing enhanced security for any VPN access by homeworkers and remote workers. This is all monitored by Digitel's iNet SDN cloud management network, further protecting your business against Internet threats and helping to keep your business secure.

Increased powerful Security

With today's increased Internet security threats businesses need highly secure VPN and powerful Firewall protection. Digitel's business class router delivers URL/IP/MAC filtering, Access Control and Advanced WAPA 3 Encryption, helping to protect your business against cyber security threats like malware, viruses, DDOS, trojans, as well as attacks by hackers and our INET remote monitoring and management service will extend this protection throughout your network.

Faster evolving Speeds

Digitel's business broadband service provides your business with the right fibre broadband speeds from 40 Mb to 1000 Mb to meet your business requirements including: faster business class router, and gigabit Wi-Fi speeds so as your business grows and your needs evolve, we will we will be there to deliver affordable technology to meet your requirements.

Built-in Phone Capability

All our business broadband packages support your IP voice telephone calls both incoming and outgoing, because your broadband service must manage both your voice and data traffic, so we provide a business router that delivers QOS (Quality of Service) to ensure all critical services are allocated the appropriate amount of bandwidth to meet your voice requirements.


Advanced Business Class Systems Deliver Gigabit Speeds Whilst Monitoring your Broadband and Network

Gigabit VPN Router

Full range of Gigabit Smart Switches

Full range of Gigabit Smart Switches

Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Access Points

Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit Access Points


Digitel's INet Intelligent SDN Platform Provides Protection for the Whole Network

Digitel's INET Intelligent Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates your network devices, including access points, switches and gateways, providing 100% centralised cloud network management and 24/7 monitoring. INet SDN delivers highly scalable network management without the added investment. With INet SDN, you are guaranteed more functionality at a lower cost, including seamless wired and wireless connection management for small, medium and large enterprises.

Increase Network Operating Efficiency

Increase operating efficiency with INET Centralised Cloud Management, intelligent network monitoring, analysis, including advanced AI technology.

Comprehensive Security Protection

Improve security protection with advanced network security that protects your LAN/WAN and VPN network access including high-level data encryption.

Increase Network Reliability

Increase reliability with 24/7 fault detection and network performance monitoring including traffic distribution, network optimisation and 99.99% reliability.

Increase Cyber Security Protection and User Privacy

With the rapid increase in cyber security threats over broadband services it is critical that businesses upgrade their security protection across the whole network. In 2020, 88% of UK businesses suffered security attacks, 43% had cyber security breaches and 48% were hit with ransomware with an average recovery cost of £16,100 for each data breach.

INet separates network management data from user data; no user traffic passes through the cloud, ensuring user privacy protection.

Increase Protecion and User Privacy Increase Protecion and User Privacy

Comprehensive Security Features

Powerful firewall and advanced security features further protect the network ensuring the security of both your voice and data communications.

Secure VPN




Advanced WPA3


LCR Broadband Security Dashboard.

Our dashboard tracks your real-time network status, checks network usage and distribution, receives network condition logs, abnormal event warnings and notifications and even tracks key data for better business results. Network topology helps us to quickly see and troubleshoot all network connections.


Temovi - Discover the Power of
Digital Transformation

Experience the power and impact that digital transformation will have on your business, it will quite simply revolutionise the way you do business

Most phone systems installed in business today use 50-year-old technology. Can you imagine using a 50-year-old mobile phone? The very thought is laughable! In today's business environment you need more than just a plain old phone system to run your business, you need smart technologies that digitally optimise your business taking it to the next level. Temovi Cloud multimedia network puts the future in reach with constantly evolving cloud services and the latest unified communication tools, layering innovations on top of the services your teams use every day.

The way we communicate is changing; businesses now need to communicate not only by voice, but with text messaging, social media, webchat, Whatsapp and LinkedIn to name a few. Temovi empowers your business with omni-channel communications, so regardless of what your customer's preferred communications choices may be, Temovi allows you to communicate via their channels of choice, making it easier for them to communicate with your business.

Business Voice Essentials Licence Includes:

  • Business Line
  • Digital LCD multi-line Display Phone
  • 2 Gb ethernet connections
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Headset Connection
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • 500 local and national minutes
  • 500 UK mobile minutes
  • Nonblocking technology
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Maintenance Included

Business Voice Pro + Mobile includes:

  • Business Line
  • Digital LCD multi-line Display Phone
  • 2 Gb ethernet connections
  • Noise Cancellation
  • Headset Connection
  • Desk or wall mountable
  • 2,000 local and national minutes
  • 2,000 UK mobile minutes
  • Nonblocking Technology
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Mobile App including PC/laptop/notepad
  • Compatible with Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft
  • multi-party video conferencing and collaboration
  • Maintenance Included
Temovi omni-channel interface

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