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Fast and personalised customer
communications for retail

Our Cloud Solution, Temovi, provides retailers with a single communication platform to keep retail stores, main offices, warehouses and contact centres connected. It also improves productivity by delivering consistent, fast and personalised customer communications. Cloud Communications as a Service makes collaboration - voice, text, video and screen sharing - possible without major upfront investment and zero capital investment. Once the platform is deployed, your company can communicate more effectively internally, externally with partners and with customers.

Temovi Cloud system saves us money compared to our old suppliers, BT and Utility Warehouse. I can dial in, I can work and listen to voicemails remotely. We can easily transfer calls, it's a lot easier to talk with people.

Easy-Way Mobility.

Enable your floor staff to connect from anywhere.

Enable your floor
to connect
from anywhere

Give your store assistants and managers the freedom to go around the venue helping customers without being tied to a desk phone. With Temovi mobile app, they can make calls, send messages, connect with other departments without the need to call from a desk phone.

Enable your floor staff to connect from anywhere.
Connect customers to the right department.
Connect customers to the right department.

Connect your
to the
right department

Our virtual receptionist and visual attendant options enable retail businesses websites with immersive support capabilities, from click to call options to answering and routing all calls to the specific store department, location or person.

Expand quickly and manage centrally.

Expand quickly and
manage centrally

Cloud Services can be expanded or contracted on an as-needed basis. Retail companies can buy only the services needed today and upgrade or augment as budget or need arises, from a single location to growing franchises to national chains, with a single communication platform.

Expand quickly and manage centrally.
Improve your customers online experience.

Improve your customer's
online experience

Temovi Live Support brings a superior experience for customers interacting with retail businesses. Involving text, voice or video, customers can contact the support department with their preferred option, sharing images and videos for a faster resolution of questions and issues regarding any product or service.

Integration with multiple applications.

Integration with
multiple applications

As Temovi is cloud-based, it can be integrated with other cloud applications such as Customer Relationships Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Inventory Management Systems (IMS).

Integration with multiple applications.
Delivering business solutions to different industries - A bright idea.

Delivering business solutions to different industries

Business communications are key to any customer relationship and the overall team’s performance. Our team executes a study of the business to understand which system will deliver the greatest results based on the business needs, size, and industry.

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