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For global or national distributed businesses, it's essential to stay connected with employees and customers. The manufacturing sector requires careful and efficient collaboration to get goods out of the warehouse on time. Videoconferencing and collaboration can help manufacturers communicate with clients, suppliers or distributors on changes and modifications to products. Many manufacturers also have multiple locations apart from their head office. Temovi Cloud keeps sites and departments connected, wherever they are.

We had doubts that the video conferencing feature would work as all other have failed. However with Temovi we were pleasantly surprised to be able to use this great feature and have video conferences with our HQ in Germany.

Hans Lingl UK.

Connect your warehouse and office teams.

Connect your
office teams

More efficient processes for all teams enable manufacturers to avoid unexpected delays as well as generating cost savings and improving production speed. Instant communication, videoconferencing and collaboration tools within teams will enhance the overall productivity.

Connect your warehouse and office teams.
Distribute the calls to the right department.
Distribute the calls to the right department.

Distribute calls to
the right department

Temovi Cloud enables you to manage your hosted call handling solution, sending calls directly to the chosen department or employee regardless of where they are located.

When our install team are on a new installation, these are usually in remote areas, out of town and with no mobile signal. Previously we would buy signal boosters, however the signal would usually get lost whilst on or around the scaffolding. With Temovi Cloud we don't need them any more as we can use the Wi-fi.

Hans Lingl UK.

Truly mobile ready.

Truly mobile ready

Enable all teams to be connected not just on their desks, but also on the warehouse, production areas or on the go. The Temovi mobile app allows users to take all business calls and link business numbers to a personal mobile device, so you can keep working even if you’re not at your desk.

Truly mobile ready.
Easy to integrate with your systems.
Easy to integrate with your systems.

Easy to integrate
with your systems

As Temovi is cloud-based, it can be integrated with other cloud applications such as Customer Relationships Management, Enterprise Resource Planning or Inventory Management Systems.

Delivering business solutions to different industries - A bright idea.

Delivering business solutions to different industries

Business communications are key to any customer relationship and the overall team’s performance. Our team executes a study of the business to understand which system will deliver the greatest results based on the business needs, size, and industry.

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