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The changing landscape of customer
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The customer service experience is changing rapidly and businesses need to find a way to adapt to changing communications habits. This is way Temovi Digital Cognitive Agent (DCA) combines the superior customer service capabilities of Temovi Live Support with the efficiency and scale of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chat bot and virtual agents with natural language processing.

Personalise Your Communications

Digital Cognitive Assistant is able to respond intelligently to a query, providing only the necessary information. So instead of of displaying a full list of information when visitors ask a question, the DCA will answer the specific question with the most accurate answer.

Reduce Waiting Times for your Customers

Your business will offer a solution that will eliminate waiting for an operator to answer or searching for an answer in FAQs. Your customers will appreciate that their questions are answered quickly and with accurate, to-the-point information rather than a simple data dump.

Be Available 24/7

About 90% of questions sent from Facebook business pages remain unanswered or they don't receive an immediate response. The voice chatbot will deliver more immersive and personalised experiences at any time. 40% of consumers do not care whether a chatbot or a real human helps them as long as they get the help they need.

Artificial Intelligence connected to all channels

A schematic for how DCA operates.

Artificial Intelligence connected to all channels

Temovi Artificial Intelligent agent engages customers from their channel of choice, being that phone, web-chat, social networks or messaging apps. Customers can talk or chat with the Digital Cognitive Agent as if it was a live agent. AI Agents can engage via voice or chat 24/7. Even if the organisation is closed, DCA can still provide support or sales content.

The effects of learning on an artificial intelligence.

Seamless escalation from machine to human

Temovi DCA looks and listens for key words and phrases related to known issues within a customer's questions. DCA can talk or text back to the user, offering responses from existing answers, tutorials, videos or other supporting materials. DCA operates in tandem with live agents so customers have an option to connect to a live person if the DCA doesn't provide sufficient help. It can also seamlessly hand-off the customer's conversation to the live agent.

The effects of learning on an artificial intelligence.
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