iNet SDN Cloud


Software Defined Networking
(SDN) with Cloud Access

Digitel's Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches and gateways, providing 100% centralised cloud network management and monitoring. iNet SDN delivers highly scalable network management, without any additonal investment, making it highly cost effective. We provide seamless wireless and wired connection management, for use in both small and large enterprises including hospitality, education, retail, offices, and more.

Higher Efficiency

Higher Security

Separate Management
and User Data

Security Features

Higher Reliability

99.99% SLA

Reliable Connections with
High Density Clients


Centralised Cloud Management

Digitel's iNet SDN provides a centralised intelligent network cloud management and monitoring service for single sites, multiple sites across the country or around the world. We monitor your complete network and will know instantly when a fault occurs, minimising downtime, maximising productivity and lowering IT costs. Whether you have one site or 1,000, iNet provides an advanced, simple, scalable and cost-effective network management solution.

Hassle-Free Centralised Cloud Management

AI-Driven Technology for Stronger Performance and Easy Network Maintenance

Intelligent Network Analysis,
Warning, and Optimization

  • We analyse potential network problems and suggest ways that you can optimise your network for higher efficiency.
  • We can locate network faults, warn and notify users, and generate fast solutions to reduce network risk.
Intelligent Network Analysis, Warning, and Optimization

Auto Channel Selection
and Power Adjustment

Provides powerful wireless performance while greatly reducing Wi-Fi interference from other Access Points (AP) by automatically adjusting the channel settings and transmission power levels of neighboring APs in the same network.

Auto Channel Selection and Power Adjustment

Intelligent Network Monitoring

Our dashboard tracks your real-time network status; check network usage and traffic distribution; receive network condition logs, abnormal event warnings, and notifications; or even track key data for better business results. Network topology helps us to quickly see and troubleshoot connections at a glance.

1) Network Status Report

2) Traffic Distribution

3) Network Topology at a Glance


Digitel's iNet Intelligent Network Provides Comprehensive Protection for the Whole Network

With the rapid increase in cyber security threats over broadband services it is critical that businesses upgrade their security protection across the whole network. In 2020, 88% of UK businesses suffered security attacks, 43% had cyber security breaches and 48% were hit with ransomware with an average recovery cost of £16,100 for each data breach.

Increase Cyber Security Protection and User Privacy

iNet separates network management data from user data, with no user traffic passing through the cloud, ensuring better protection for users' privacy.

Increase Protecion and User Privacy Increase Protecion and User Privacy

Comprehensive Security Features

Powerful firewall and advanced security features further protect the network and data ensuring the security of your data and communications.

Secure VPN




Advanced WPA3


Multiple Factors Guarantee Increased Reliability.

Increase Network Reliability

Higher reliability of cloud service is guaranteed with 99.99% SLA availability, 24/7 automated fault detection, geographically isolated back-up servers, and reliable product quality. Your network functions even if management traffic is interrupted.

Multiple Factors Guarantee Increased Reliability.

Reliable Connections Even with High Density Networks

Our new Wi-Fi 6 solutions complement the capabilities of our iNet SDN service. They have high concurrency capacities for remarkable performance in environments with a high user density. Equipped with enterprise chipsets, dedicated antennas, advanced RF functions, auto channel selection, and power adjustment they are a game-changer for wireless networking.

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