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BT Openreach Switch-off

Birkenhead Van Hire

We needed a communications solution that would help the BVH team to both enhance our customer support capability and increase our overall operating efficiency

BVH Director


BVH is probably the largest single source provider of both public and business vehicle services on the Wirral and Merseyside, and the oldest operating for over 50 years.


  1. The existing telephone system was 12 years old and was due for an upgrade.
  2. The new facility needed a complete installation for voice, data and Wi-Fi facilities to provide a state-of-the-art upgrade.
  3. Broadband speeds needed a significant upgrade from 15 Mbps.
  4. The new Wi-Fi network needed to cover all of the offices, showroom and service facilities as well as 4 acres of car park.
  5. With the significant increase in the size of the new site the BVH team needed the ability to communicate regardless of where they were throughout the site.
  6. The existing network service consisted of 10 ISDN 30 lines together with some analogue lines all of which needed to be upgraded as part of BT Openreach's network upgrade program.


  1. Upgrade the existing telephone system to Digitel's new Temovi multimedia cloud exchange to include mobility apps and videoconferencing.
  2. Upgrade data network switches to achieve faster data transmission speeds and increased network reliability and security.
  3. Upgrade broadband service to Fiber 80 Mbps with unlimited data download capability.
  4. The new Temovi cloud exchange provides BVH with business mobile communications for the BVH team both on site and off site integrated with BVH's main number and desk phone DDI numbers so they can answer calls regardless of where they are.
  5. Upgrade Wi-Fi network to dual band gigabit speeds to operate throughout the site, with built-in encryption to provide active defense for enhanced security as well as provide better management and control.


  1. BT Openreach Switch-off migration ready.
  2. Overall monthly bill savings on the new system of £130 per month.
  3. With the installation of the new Temovi multimedia exchange the BVH team have increased their overall operating efficiency and provide a better customer experience.
  4. The BVH team and their customers now have five times faster fiber broadband.
  5. A Wi-Fi network covers the new 4-acre site enabling the BVH team to stay in touch regardless of where they are on site.
  6. With the installation of Digitel's Temovi multimedia cloud BVH have replaced their old 10 lines with 18 lines at no charge, thereby enhancing their communications throughput capability by 80% so that customers will always get through.


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