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BT Openreach Switch-off


We wanted to upgrade our old system which was a more basic phone system to a new system which was more future-proof and flexible, providing more flexibility for the distribution of calls and for the system to fail over to a backup plan in the event of an unforeseen incident as part of a business continuity plan.

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  1. Upgrade the existing system to resolve incoming call distribution problem.
  2. Provide multi-party audio conferencing for up to 20 people.
  3. Provide a solution that did not exceed the cost of the existing system.
  4. Provide a system with future proof technology that delivers enhanced features like call recording on-demand, multisite operation and integrated mobility. Video-conferencing facilities are also required to reduce travel time and carbon footprint.
  5. Provide a disaster recovery option as part of a business continuity plan.
  6. Deliver an easier to manage end user portal for more control over phone system.
  7. Provide a scalable phone system with easier access to future upgrades.


  1. Upgrade existing system to Temovi cloud with advanced call distribution solutions and more flexible call handling capability.
  2. Commission Temovi multi-party audio conference bridge for 20 party conferencing.
  3. Call charges and line costs are included as part of the end-user licenses, saving money.
  4. Commission Temovi call recording, mobility and video-conferencing features.
  5. Enable Temovi disaster recovery features, with all key data stored in the cloud.
  6. A web-based management portal gives granular control over the system.
  7. Temovi Cloud Voice is inherently scalable; expansion is a matter of programming.


  1. BT Openreach Switch-off migration ready.
  2. Savings of £1,640.00 per annum.
  3. Faster, more efficient platform.
  4. Easy to manage end user portals.
  5. Ensuring business continuity.
  6. Reduced carbon footprint.


Our support team will contact you for a personalised consultation ensuring your switch-off migration is as smooth as possible.

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