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Unified Communications

Our Unified Communications service is cloud-based and can connect teams from anywhere, while at home or on the go. Office communications that you can take with you while remote or on the go is smart! And our Smart Office service a full suite of features accessible using your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Connect instantly to team members or customers using voice, video, or screen sharing. Instantly start a conference call with one or many. Collaborate and stay productive from the comfort of your home.

  • Desktop and Mobile
  • MAC-friendly
  • Switch live calls between employees and devices easily
  • Integrates with Third-parties


Any Device

Connecting Teams @Home

Anytime, Anywhere



Face to Face Meetings@Home

  • PC/MAC, smartphone, tablet
  • Video & screen share
  • Group Chat
  • Privacy Setting
  • Phone only call-in
  • Invite participants

Set up your Smart Office easily on your own


Office Features@Home

It's just like you are in the Office

Cloud UC delivers solutions you might expect from a traditional phone system, plus a full suite of unified communications services including web meetings, video conferencing, instant messaging and presence. All this is delivered in the form of a flexible, reliable and affordable cloud-based service that keeps you connected to your team and customers... Just like you are in the office, but the convenience of Working@Home!


Unify across the globe, Work@Home

Unify your workforce with Work@Home!

Team work is essential but sometimes challenging. Having the right technology to unify your employees is key to your business' success. Ensure your employees stay connected and stay productive. Connect your teams, whether across the globe or just... Working@Home.

There's never been a better time to work from home. Unify all of your employees by enabling them to work from home using our omni-channel, web-based collaboration tools and soft clients.

Unify across the globe, Work@Home

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