Relocation, relocation, relocation!

The process of moving your business to a new site or even reorganising it within a site is complex and stressful, and that's without considering the impact on your telecommunications systems.

Digitel does its best to see that whatever other problems your move my cause, your communications systems transfer over quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of business disruption.

At Digitel we relocate hundreds of businesses' telephone systems, lines and services a year, providing our customers with a one stop relocation service for both voice and data systems. We will co-ordinate the elements of your system, including installation of cabling, relocation of your telephone system and lines, or the provision of a complete new system.

We can also take care of the relocation of your telephone lines, wholesale call packages, broadband, virtual private networks, mobile phones and business mobile call plans, all from one supplier with one point of contact and one monthly bill.

We can combine the transfer of all your systems in a single process, even provide staff training before the move. All you need to do is call our Customer Service department for details.

There are three main elements to a successful and seamless relocation of your business. These are:

  • Avoiding disrupted business processes.
  • Maintaining your business relationships.
  • Managing your relocation costs.

Digitel can support these objectives through our well developed business relocation plan. We minimise any disruption to the business by providing a free Relocation Needs Analysis, which looks at how your current communications impact on your business processes, and how best to support them at your new site.

Everything from new cabling to new lines and call plans are set up ahead of actual relocation, so when you move, your infrastructure is there to receive you, allowing you to get to work.

We can enable you to take your old business numbers across to your new site, allowing for easy business continuity. If you don't want to take your old number with you, we have multiple methods of ensuring you will never miss a call, such as call forwarding or caller redirect, which informs a caller of your new number before passing them on.

Alternatively, you may want to use a relocation postcard with your new contact details, sent out to all your existing customers and suppliers. It also provides an opportunity to promote your services and brand.

We find ways to minimise and aggregate any relocation costs, offering newer and lower cost alternatives to existing services and systems. We also combine what costs remain as a single, itemised bill.