With Temovi cloud based unified communications, you get all the capability of a full PBX system, without the hardware.

The services may be in the cloud, but the advantages are crystal clear.

  • Universal - Access via handset, desktop, laptop or mobile with equal ease.
  • Scalable - Lease only the services you need for a simple monthly fee.
  • Flexible - Add, manage or remove services via web portal.

Temovi Cloud PBX

Temovi Unified Communications (UC) provides a suite of cloud PBX services enhanced with mobile and web-optimized communications clients.

Temovi Business puts the future in reach with constantly evolving cloud PBX services and the latest unified communication tools. That doesn't mean ignoring traditional phone features, it means layering innovations on top of the services employees use every day. Temovi Business uses your communications budget to deliver better mobility and collaboration tools that help your organization evolve and prosper.

  • One solution - SMB and enterprise-ready features and services
  • Easier PBX migrations - Hundreds of traditional PBX features without the PBX
  • Compelling UC clients - Our exclusive Omni technology reduces clients costs
  • Intuitive - Better client experiences and web administration reduces help desk and IT staff expense

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Business Mobile

Temovi Business Mobile gives sole proprietors and small business owners a mobile 2nd line service that runs on their existing voice plan - not their data plan.

Being self-employed or a small business owner is a big commitment, literally, it can take all the life out of living. Customers, vendors, partners, solicitors... everyone wants to talk or text with you and once they have your mobile phone number, there is no escape. They will call you day and night, weekends and holidays, even when you are at the game with your kids or trying to get a moment of peace. That's why we created Temovi Business Phone. A second line with a separate number that uses the voice mobile network rather than a VoIP system that sucks up your data plan bandwidth.

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Smart Office Collaboration

Temovi Business Smart Office collaboration tools let participants get engaged and stay engaged from anywhere. Don't spend eight hours traveling to a one hour meeting.

Eliminate your organization's expensive web conferencing service - add a personal collaboration room that integrates with your Smart Office UC client.

  • Chose screen share only option or multi-party video and screen share.
  • MeetMe Audio Conferencing is an ideal complement to Screen Share for non-video calls.
  • Available to anyone with a web browser (no client required).
  • Reservation-less rooms make it easy to connect and share.
  • Connect from the office or from the road with mobile apps.
  • Adapt to bandwidth constraints with advanced, SVC-based, video.
  • Minimize disruptions with powerful moderator controls.

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Cloud Contact Centre

Temovi Contact Centre is a cost effective alternative to traditional premise-based call centre software, managing more than just audio calls.

Traditional premises-based call centre solutions can be expensive to acquire, cumbersome to operate and often only manage phone calls. They don't offer an option to manage web inquiries, email, and other text-based interactions. Temovi Contact Centre centralises its multi-channel capabilities in the cloud, letting agents focus on customers and supervisors manage people, not systems. With the Temovi Business Cloud, organisations don't have to invest thousands in complex infrastructure that quickly becomes obsolete. Always have the latest tools and pay only for what you use.

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Cloud Call Recording

Temovi Cloud-based Call Recording removes the need for expensive premises-based hardware by capturing and storing both sides of the conversation as it handles the call, allowing you to access and review the recording via the Temovi web portal.

With Call Recording, recordings can be indexed by time, agent/employee, date, group, and a variety of other fields, making for hassle-free, instantaneous record retention, search, and retrieval. This makes reviewing calls simple, letting you easily gain customer insight, improve sales conversion, and increase customer retention.

Call Recording automatically classifies calls containing sensitive card holder information and provides organizations with three options:

  • Delete all call recordings with sensitive information but retain valuable non-sensitive interaction data for reporting and analysis.
  • Roles-based access to recorded files containing sensitive information.
  • Agent can pause call recording during the collection of sensitive financial and personal information

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Unified Messaging

Temovi Business delivers voicemail as well as fax messaging, from one number; making it easy for users to stay focused on the task at hand. Access via web portal, e-mail and mobile phone.

Temovi Business Messaging accepts both voice messages and incoming faxes. Choose traditional touch-tone voice mail commands or step up to a powerful web portal, e-mail client or mobile client. Client access enables users to quickly survey and manage voice mail or fax messages; open an attachment to listen or view the message. If transcription is enabled, voicemail messages can also be read in the message body.

Temovi Business eliminates the need to print every document manually to send or view it. It's easy to send and manage most content as electronic documents. Temovi Business allows users to send and receive faxes using a computer or mobile device; it's easy to send a fax from anywhere.

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Virtual Receptionist

The Temovi Business Virtual Receptionist can be your organisation's primary answering point or supplement a live receptionist; ideal for high-volume call environments or after-hours and overflow call routing.

An intuitive web portal makes it easy to define menu structures and routing selections. Multiple schedule options simplify call management at different times of day, day of the week and during holidays.

  • Multi-Level Menus
  • Schedule-Based Menus & Greetings
  • General Voicemail & Fax Box
  • User Directory
  • User Definable Routing Selections
  • Call Announce
  • E-mail, Text, or Phone Call Notifications.

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