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UCS Mobile App

The Unified Communication Server Mobile application turns any Apple or Android device into a direct link to your business systems.

The Unified Communications Server gives integrated access to all your business communication systems, voice, email, instant messages, even video calls. The mobile app allows you to access these services through an Android or Apple mobile device.

It provides three functions, letting you know the state of your co-workers (and vice versa), allowing you to contact them through voice, messages or video, and storing messages you received from others, including playing back a text message as voicemail.

Your co-workers are shown as a list with a search feature, and have an image, a name and status, as well as quick access icons to start a voice or video call. Add Contacts to make it a conference call or return a call through the call logs section. Making the call through the system is cheaper than going over regular mobile lines.

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Call Recording

IP Call Recording (IPCR) is a call recording and monitoring server application for Unified Communications servers.

IPCR enjoys powerful call recording and monitoring and value-added features while minimizing maintenance and budget impact. Usable for local and remote IP Phones, TDM and SLT devices it also provides value-added features for the convenience of the user and administrator.

Such features as real-time agent monitoring, one click call monitoring, on-demand call recording, convenient playback controls and graphical presented statistics are basic functionality of the IPCR. The IPCR also provides many statistics reports on the real time usage including number of calls, average talk time, and much more. This intuitive user interface and reports assist in making better decisions faster and implementing them more quickly.

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UCS Desktop App

Unified Communications Server Desktop Application is the core of a business communications solution, connecting you to your co-workers.

It turns your desktop or laptop, even a Windows phone into an extension of your business, providing you with a presence that shows your availability and showing you your co-workers states in return. From this presence list, you can make phone calls, send email and instant messages, even set up video calls or multi-party conferencing, simply by drgging and dropping other users from the presence list.

It comes with Outlook Integration, allowing you to sync Contacts and your calendar with UCS Desktop. It also gives you a full set of collaboration tools from a whiteboard to a web resource. Missed messages get recorded, and emails or texts can also be played back as voicemail.

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icall Suite

For contact centres and workgroups, icall suite provides complete communications management that integrates with your telephone system.

The five modules of the icall suite comprise:

  • icall Contact for call centre management and agent monitoring including wallboards.
  • icall Dial gives predictive dialling capabilities, saving time and effort on outbound calls.
  • icall Record adds a host of advanced call recording features across your entire phone network.
  • icall Connect provides screen popping and integration with your business database applications.
  • icall Report gives both real time monitoring of phone activity as well as a host of built-in and user defined reports for analysis.

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Meetings take up precious time. Getting there takes up more. Fortunately, you can set up an audio or video conference from your desk or mobile.

The Unified Communications platform comes with built-in conferencing capabilities which can be easily expanded. Set up conferences by dragging and dropping on your PC screen, and control them via Invite, Mute, Lock and record features.

You can also make a conference a face-to-face affair with the built-in video conferencing feature. Up to six people can participate in an ad-hoc conference and collaborate by sharing applications. Remote monitoring, still shot and video recording features ensure you have complete control.

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Visual Voicemail

Voicemail takes the messages when you can't. Visual Voicemail allows retrieval at the click of a mouse, whether it was a phone call or not.

The Visual Voicemail application displays all the messages with timestamps, origin numbers and duration. You can play them, download them as a WAV file or call the number back.

The platform can also take text based messages, such as emails and convert them to a voicemail message, allowing you to access them more easily from a single interface. Both the Desktop Client and mobile client support the feature.

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Network Enabled

As an IP based system, the Unified Communication platform can manage a handset whether it's next door or in the next time zone.

Modules and handsets can be distributed among multiple offices in multiple locations, but the UC Server sees them all as a single network and provides them all with the same functions and features. A second server located at a remote site can take over control seamlessly in the event of an emergency.

Controlling the network is equally simple with the Network Management System, a web based graphical interface that monitors the system in real time and allows fault management and e-mail reporting, traffic statistics and network maintenance.

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Exchange Integration

The Unified Communications Platform integrates with both Microsoft Exchange email server and Microsoft Outlook client.

UCP can synchronise with MS Exchange, allowing full email and schedule functionality for any user.

MS Outlook provides a schedule and contacts list as well as emails, and UCP can synchronise with these features, even without the user being actively logged in.


Don't touch that dial... keypad. Just highlight a phone number from web page or document and click once to ring.

Click-to-Call operates on your PC or Lap-top in conjunction with your UC System and desktop phone to quickly place calls to numbers displayed in a Web page or in a document such as a pdf, docx, or xls file.

Highlighting a number opens Click-to-Call, displaying the number. Then clicking the 'Call' icon places the call to the highlighted number connecting to your desktop speakerphone.

You can also open the Click-to-call dialog box manually and type in the phone number using the keyboard.