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Corporate Mobile

Save time, improve responsiveness and enhance productivity by making mobiles an integral part of your business strategy.

We offer a range of handsets to suit any budget or business size. View our range of mobile handsets or contact a communication specialist on 0151 650 6333 to find the best device and tariff for you.

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Mobile Tariffs

We offer a range of business tariffs to best suit your needs.

Whether you're looking for multiple handsets on a monthly plan or a SIM only tariff (Bring your own device), we can provide you with the best deal at the best price.

You can speak to a member of our team Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm on 0151 650 6333 or request a Call back and one of our team will be in touch.

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Mobile Roaming

Having to travel abroad for business might be unavoidable, but excessive roaming charges should not have to be.

The rise of technology has created a business landscape that knows no geographical bounds. More and more businesses are trading overseas, whether it is importing, exporting, or simply having offices located worldwide.

To ensure that you are not met by any unexpected roaming charges we can supply you with a bundle that will cover your mobile communications whilst you are away on business. Benefits include:

  • Same day roaming activation
  • Variety of tariff options
  • Bolt-on options available
  • Fully transparent itemised billing
  • Euro & World Traveller available

Mobile Broadband

Connect to the internet on your mobile, tablet or laptop wherever you are with mobile broadband.

This portable USB or mobile SIM will enable staff to work anywhere, on the go. No more worrying about public WiFi security or network availability, with mobile broadband you can have high speed data access instantly. Mobile broadband will keep you and your colleagues connected, to be more productive whilst commuting or travelling for world.

Shared Data

Share your data allowance across multiple devices.

Get all of your business online for the best possible price with one of our sharer plans. Share one data allowance across Digitel sims, phones or tablets.

With data allowances from 2Gb up to 2TB, and with the ability to share data with up to 250 devices, you can customise your sharer plans to suit your business needs.


Larger than a smartphone, tablets can enable your workforce to do more on the go.

Presenting in meetings, sharing proposals or accessing business information and applications. We offer a range of tariffs or customised plans with our tablets, and will find the best solution for you.

Contact one of our communication specialists on 0151 650 6333 to find the best tablet and tariff for your business.

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Mobile Extension

Mobile Extension offers fully customised VoIP softphones covering the full range of all the Mobile platforms.

Mobile Extension enables mobile users to access VOIP telephony via their smartphones. The software is easy to use and makes communication cost effective and convenient. That's why it's so desirable.

Mobile Extension Platforms

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